Forests – in your pocket

19 January – 10 March | The Library Hall at The Round Tower, Købmagergade 52A, 1150 KBH K

“Forests – in your pocket” takes us on a journey through the forests of the world, among beech trees, silver-lace vines, pine trees and oil palms. It tells the stories of the people and animals that live in the forests, and challenges, enriches and entertains all ages with photos, videos, events and lectures about the forest and the conditions it faces around the globe.

Photo safari to the forests of the world
“Forests – in your pocket” is first and foremost a photographic exhibition that invites us to get close to the trees, wildlife and people of the Danish, Polish, Finnish, Cambodian, Indonesian and Malaysian forests. We encounter orang-utans in Borneo and endangered tigers in Sumatra, bison on Bornholm and the wild boar of the Polish forest. We see that a forest is much more than birch and beech. We want to taste the sweet honey and delicious berries and fruits that the forest so generously shares with us.

But we are also pushed, challenged and questioned. What exactly is a forest? Are there still primary forests in Europe? When did you last spend time in the woods? We can even share our best forest experiences with others on the noticeboard in the exhibition hall. We also learn about how best to preserve forests, and what happens when we fell them. As we journey through the forest, we are reminded that this is an important part of nature, one we can ill afford to lose.

The forests may be tied up in international politics – but ultimately, consumers decide their fate
Yes, we know! The forests are in a bad state. We need to save toilet paper and only buy garden furniture made of sustainable wood. We are inundated with messages like this. But who can really afford to stick to a strict green line? On the other hand, one of life’s great pleasures is lying on a soft forest floor, gazing up into the treetops. In other words, none of us could imagine a world without forests.

The good news is that politicians and NGOs, through financial support and legislative intervention, are trying to reverse the negative trend. The bad news is that some countries still carry out illegal logging and use force against anybody who stands up and fights back. Consumers need to get involved if we are to change this situation. We need to influence demand by purchasing products that support sustainable forestry. “Forests – in your pocket” inspires us to do just that.

Film, food and lectures
There are many issues to address and debate in relation to the forests of the world. On weekends, during the winter holidays and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the exhibition period, some of these issues will be addressed via lectures, food tastings and film evenings. The programme will be available on from 15 November.

Links til press photos in high resolution:

Pressebillede 1
Pressebillede 2
Pressebillede 3

Minister of Environment Ida Auken gave a speech to the opening the 18th January (unfortunately only in Danish):